It's all about lifestyle - Live the life YOU DESERVE

LIVE LIFE WITH HEART!!! What do we mean by that? Anything and everything that you ever wanted to experience is available to you when you are healthy and fit. We believe that health encompasses all areas of life: from a healthy body and mind to relationships and finances and everything inbetween. Let's live the happiest most satisfying and fullfilling life possible. The possibilities are endless!

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Fit N Six Club

Stop dieting and start living! Join our super simple, super fun and inspiring Club.  You'll meet others who sha...

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Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

FREE: one week of meal plans including your grocery list, recipes and even a cooking class.  Shed 2 to 5 pounds ...

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Here is what we are all about

Weight Loss

Choose from our Take Shape For Life meal replacement program with me as your FREE health coach OR choose an individualized plan


Movement is crucial for overall health. We offer on-line LIVE classes from the comfort of your home AND physical classses in Valley Center, California

Healthy Mind

Dealing with Stress, Doing what makes your heart sing, finding balance. Without all of these,quality of life is just not as good as it should be


Fantastic human contact is essential for a great quality of life. We explore ways, with professionals and together, to enhance your relationships


All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl! You gotta have FUN!! Just because we're adults doesn't mean we have to act like one ALL the time. ;)

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