What do we mean by that?  Anything and everything that you ever wanted to experience is available to you when you are healthy and fit. We believe that health encompasses all areas of life:  from a healthy body and mind to relationships and finances and everything inbetween.  Let's live the happiest most satisfying and fullfilling life possible.  The possibilities are endless!

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The truth of the matter is that YOU are in control of your life.  YOU get to make all the decisions.  What we do is guide you and support you.  We also offer fun events, healthy recipes and great tips for living a healthy life.


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Most of us know what we want out of life. Most of us are REALLY good at procrastinating taking action to achieve what we want.  When you make the decision to get healthy and LIVE life versus sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun, great things will happen. Sharon used to have a an auto-immune disease. When she committed to LIVING and followed the healthy lifestyle behaviours we teach, the disease was not seen, even on biopsy!  While everyone is different and we can make no guarantees, many of our clients have had amazing results.

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While physical health allows you to do things you may not have thought possible, overall health will help you truly find the self that you love.  When you feel better, relationships thrive and careers soar.  You can have it ALL!

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When you make strides in your health, you will not only being doing things you never thought possible, you will be owning it!  Your confidence and self-esteem will flourish.  And then, even more magic happens.  Your friends and family will ask you about your new found zest for life.  Now, you can simply share what you've done and make a difference in the lives of your loved ones too!

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             Sharon Meredith

          Live Life With Heart

“Sharon Meredith is my health hero!  She is an outstanding, heart-felt and enthusiastic coach who turned me on to Take Shape For Life/Medifast.  I’m on the go all the time and needed an ideal way to eat healthy, keep the weight off and enhance my vitality.   After 35 years of dieting, losing weight and then gaining it right back, I now have a system that works!!!  I do not gain weight even when I visited my grandchildren and ate everything in sight.  I was certain I had gained 10 pounds.  When I returned home and weighed myself, I’d lost 1 pound!  I had to figure that my metabolism is now balanced.”


Helice “Sparky” Bridges

Founder and Chief Humanitarian Officer

Difference Makers International

TEDx Presenter, author and coach to leaders of leaders

Sharon has come up with a genius and revolutionary idea that combines the accountability of working out with a class or personal trainer with the comfort and convenience of being in your own home. I found that I'd let myself get out of shape and was ready to do something about it, but I dreaded going to the gym and becoming the next viral 'what not to do' Internet sensation. Further, I live in a rural area where just traveling to the gym is incredibly time consuming. Sharon's online classes are a wonderful workout and fit great with my schedule. Each session's focus changes regularly, mixing up where you feel the burn and Sharon provides exercises that give you a gentle push at whatever level you are at. For the first time, I am getting the aerobic guidance I need, but don't feel self-conscious doing it. I highly recommend Sharon's live online fitness classes! 


Bristol Scott

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Founded by Sharon Meredith 2015


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