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Seniors!  65 is the new 50, right?!   Walkiing with friends, Zumba at the gym.  Do it all until it's time to settle down a bit.  Then, join us for "SENIORS WITH HEART"!  These on-line communities will keep you heart healthy, flexible and strong.  The truth is this:  exercising will help alleviate some of that joint pain you may be experience.  If that's not enough reason to join us, how about some added laughter and fun to your life while you make new friends?


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Staying fit past 40 is challenging for women. This I can attest to as I have passed that milestone...well, let’s just say a year or two ago : ) From a physical aesthetic standpoint, our skin changes, we grow "barnacles" and what the heck happened to our mid sections! Amidst all of this are hormonal changes that work on mood swings and internal happenings.


Let’s face it ladies (I am always one to look on the bright side), there are many good things about aging. We are wiser, less concerned with what others think about us, more confident and secure, etc. Thank goodness for the confidence and security as some things in our bodies are going south or even east and west! Most of us are not taking this lightly and many of us are exercising more, reducing our caloric intake, and stressing about that extra roll in our mid sections. Unfortunately, these are not the best choices to make. When we exercise too intensely and take in very little energy (ie calories) our bodies think that they are starving and will hold on to excess fat. WHAT!!! Yup! You are hearing correctly.


Here is my exercise advice. Please do NOT spend 2 hours a day exercising. Set a schedule that you can maintain for life. What does that look like? For most of us, moderation is key. Get in two days of strength training and muscle conditioning. Get 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise in 5 days a week. This can be as simple as walking the dog at a brisk pace. Of course, I would love to have you join mybootcamp classes 2 to 3 times a week. Your muscles, your heart, your flexibility and balance will all get the workout they need and deserve in one hour. Then you will just have to get your lower intensity workouts in 2-3 more days a week. Voila!

If you need a jump start in your weight loss goals then check out my diet page.

Remember, ladies, those 20 and 30 something girls have nothing on us! We can have confidence, security and a great physique with the correct workouts and nutrition.

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