Health is confusing!!


I call it information overload.  The internet is SOOO wonderful for researching and three different articles on the same subject and get three different answers.  It's confusing!  My motto is "everything in moderation".  The truth is that I have done a lot of "nutrition" plans in the past.  From low fat to low sugar, gluten-free, even a specialized plan called the specific carbohydrate diet to erradicate (or it least feel better) Crohn's disease.  At one point I was taking something like 15 supplements a day to the tune of 69 pills and drops (all "natural, of course).  


Honestly, it mostly boils down to watching my mother (and it took me way too many years to learn this).  She eats like a bird but pretty much eats anything she wants.  She eats multiple snacks (mostly heatlhy but a cookie here and there).  She lives a simple lifestyle.  She takes care of things NOW instead of stressing about them later.  She walks almost everyday and lifts her "soup cans".   Though she doesn't have a lot of money, her bank account still grows as she lives frugally and continues to save.  I am blessed to have a wonderful role model.


How do you take the confusion out of your health plan?


1) Eat sensibly (we all know how to do this but we CHOOSE not to)

2) Exercise (you don't have to kill yourself but do be active)

3) Manage your money appropriately (this alleviates a lot of stress and probably saves a lot of


4) Learn how to deal with stress.  (I crochet and am learning to meditate.  My man likes to go

     to the shooting range.  Figure out what works for you.)


For overall health and well-being, we all need to balance our lives out a little more.  When I committed to this, no more Crohn's disease!!!  (the 15 all natural supplements did not do anything but stress me out!  BTW)  What changes will you make to reach your goals?

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