Teachings from a tree

 What does a tree have to do with human life?  I recently saw a post that I absolutely loved.  Here are attributes of a tree that we can apply to our lives:


1) Stand tall and proud - In my world, this means work on your posture.  Put your best foot forward and know that YOU are important.  Good posture says "I'm confident.  I have good self-esteem" and people will be drawn to you.


2) Go out on a limb - Try something new!  Yes, it may be scary....and it will most likely add depth to your life.  Taking calculated risks can get you the career that you love.  It can get you the life that you want.  Go for it!!


3) Remember your roots - This is the one that got me to posting this.  I live in sunny San Diego now but come from  Michigan.  One of the things I miss the most is the stunning colors of Fall.  We are staying with friends as we transition from our old home to our new home.  Who knew that I would see a beautiful Fall tree as I was walking Ocean!  I am grateful not only for the beauty it brought to my life but also for remembering my roots.  I am so very fortunate to have parents who loved me and helped design me into a good citizen.  They were strong in their beliefs and discipline.  As my mother once said "You'll thank me when you are older".  I am grateful for all I have been taught.  We didn't have much money and there were 4 of us who lived in an 800 square foot house.  What matters most is not the material things but the people.  We can never forget that as we try not to get caught up in "keeping up with the Joneses".


4) Drink plenty of water - Our bodies are made up of 55% to 70% water!  Yet, many of us choose not do drink good old H2O and instead drink fruit juices, soda/pop, energy drinks, etc.  Do yourself a favor and try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water for one week.  Evaulate how you feel and share the results with me please!


5) Be content with your natural beauty - You ARE beautiful:  inside and out!  Cherish yourself and be the best YOU you can be.  Stop comparing yourself to others and relish all the good about YOU. You're absolutely gorgeous just the way you are.


6) Enjoy the view - The Bible says "Prosper where you are planted".  Wherever you are, give it your all.  Find the joy.  Try looking at everything with fresh eyes.  Drink it in and feel the happiness that surrounds you.


Lessons from a tree!  Amazing!


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