Learning to Love YOU!


I had a lunch with a friend recently.  This gal is absolutely amazing.  She has had her own business. She is helping with a non-profit film and raised almost $50,000 on her own to get this going. She is intelligent and beautiful, both inside and out.  If only she could see all of this wonderfulness about her.  She has braces and smiles more now as she feels better about her smile.  She has allergies and her skin is a bit blemished.  She’s overweight and asked me “how do I say NO to the cookies”?  All of this got me really thinking.  Why is it that we immediately look at what’s WRONG with us versus looking at what’s RIGHT?  I personally do this as well and my self-talk can sound a little something like this “I’m a fitness instructor.  I have to look good.  I gotta get this 5 pounds off.”  Sound familiar? Right now, get out a pen and paper and start writing down all of the good things about you. If you are having a hard time thinking of anything, ask your mom, a loved one, a friend. Heck, a stranger could tell you something nice about you.  I’ll start.  I am spunky and fun.  I have great energy.  I’m a decent tennis player.  My cardio is still great. I’m a good speaker.  My hair and skin are soft.  I smile a lot and make other people happy. I have great buns ;).  My body is proportioned. I am resourceful. I easily give compliments.   WOW!  I’m actually quite proud of myself. There’s a lot of good things about me!  Write one short sentence about something that’s great about you in reply to this post.  If you’re up to it, send me a whole paragraph of all of the GOOD that is YOU!

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