Most of you are probably thinking that this post is going to be about “fat” in our food or “fat” on our bodies.  However, this is about cutting “fat” out of your life.  Huh??  Periodically, I take a look at my life and decide what “fat” I need to cut.  This includes several categories:

  1. Eating habits – For me, I typically just eat too much AND I occasionally drink too much.  So I have to “cut the fat!”  You may have this same challenge OR you may truly be eating some “not so good” fuel more often than an 80/20 rule.  (My 80/20 rule means 80% of the time eat right and 20% of the time….well, no one’s perfect).

  2. Exercise habits – I rarely need to look at these because I am pretty active teaching classes, playing tennis and doing yard work at our new home which is about 2.5 acres.  For me, the fat can literally be doing TOO MUCH at times.  If I do too much, I tend to get injured (known from my old days of competing in aerobics).

  3. Relationships – This one is a tough one.  I recently met someone who I thought was going to be a great friend.  For whatever reason, after the third meeting or so I just wasn’t feeling it.  The relationship did not enhance my life but left me feeling taken advantage of (whether real or imaged).  I decided to “cut the fat!”

  4. Finances  - Our society seems to be a smorgasbord for spending.  We go out to eat too much.  We waste natural resources like water, gas, electricity.  I can’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I have that I don’t need.  You get the picture.  There’s a lot of ways to “cut the fat” in finances that truly aren’t that hard.

  5. Other Areas – Are you spending too much time working and not having fun with your family.  What about social media or an attachment to your phone? 

There are truly many areas in our life that we could “Cut the fat” to enhance our overall well-being as well as fun factor and quality of life.  Where are you going to “Cut the Fat” in your life? Comment below!

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