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Are you always wondering what exercise would be the BEST exercise to lose weight fastest, get the biggest bang for your buck, etc.?  You’ve probably heard that running burns calories like no tomorrow and maybe you have made a plan to start running or have already implemented it.  Years ago, I would run every time I wanted to lose a couple of pounds….I HATED it and I still hate running.  For me, running is NOT the best exercise.  What IS the best exercise is something that you actually like AND will commit to long-term.  I like interval training and sprints.  I like working out hard for a shorter duration.  I like variety in my workouts.  Soooo….that’s what I do.  If you love running, good for you!!  Have at it, right?! 


Now, here is the caveat:  sometimes we like a certain exercise but we NEED something else.  For example:  you love strength training but your flexibility is….let’s just say not so great.  Flexibility is key to injury prevention, posture, staying pain-free.  So, yes, there are some things we need to do to keep our bodies in balance.  For those of you that love stretching (I’m guessing you are super flexible) but neglect strength training, that’s not great either.  Our bodies need to be balanced.  Also, I play tennis and it’s a great workout, lots of fun and I get competition which I need in my life.  Find something that is actually FUN for you!  Do make sure that it’s balanced with cardio, strength and flexibility.  And, for the most part, when it comes to actual exercise, find something you enjoy doing and make a plan to do it in moderation.


I would love to hear what you and WHY you like doing it.  Please let me know!

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