Are you "Normal"?

Have you ever experienced health challenges? Almost 7 years ago, Woody turned me on to Dr. Hugh.  He has a PhD and I think of him as a “blood doctor”.  I filled out all my paperwork and started handing it to him.  He said, “Great!  But I don’t ‘need that right now.  I’ll tell you what’s up with you when I look at your blood”.  He proceeded to prick my finger and look at my blood through a microscope (the old fashioned way,  mind you).  “Whoa!  You have something major going on with your colon.”  I told him I had Crohn’s disease.  “You also have a MERSA infection and anemia”.  I self-righteously told him that I never had anemia on all my Western Medicine blood work.  He then asked me what my normal pulse rate was.  I sheepishly told him it was typically 48.  “Is that considered normal?” he asked.  Of course, most of us know that is super low.  His point was that we are not all one size.  Norms by western medicine are dictated by averages.  It was an awakening for me.  Recently, my OB-GYN told me that the powers that be in the medical community changed some of the normal ratios….so does that mean that some of us are on meds that we may not need? Back to Dr. Hugh.  He told me to trash the 15 bottles of supplements I walked in with.  He had me deal with one challenge at a time and gave me only 2 supplements. He told me that my body was confused with everything I was taking from the Holistic Health Practitioner (not to mention the prescription drugs which he encouraged me to continue…for now).  All I know is this:  I no longer have any evidence of Crohn’s disease AND I changed 3 things:  1) I followed Dr. Hugh’s suggestions  2) I committed to healthy habits I learned from Take Shape For Life  3) I now drink red wine. 


I have to believe that it is everything put together that led to my decision to go against medical advice and take myself off all medications.  That was almost 6 years ago when I had my first ever “no evidence of Crohn’s disease on visual AND biopsy colonoscopy.  The doctor wanted to change my heavy duty drugs to “lessor” drugs. I am not faulting him BTW; that is what he is taught and his belief.


Without Western Medicine, I may not be alive today.  I took some heavy duty drugs and had a fistula repair surgery.  I believe that there is a need for all modalities  of treatment.  I am NOT suggesting that you go against medical advice on a regular basis.  I am suggesting that YOU take control of YOU.  Get different opinions and go with your gut!  Thank you Dr. Hugh!



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