The Power of Pets

Doesn't this picture say it all?  My man and our two furry babies.  Ocean, age 13, at the time is the one running.  You can only see Cali's behind as she is  going back to Dad to hopefully get a ball to chase.  Our hearts explode with love for these wonderful creatures.


Studies show that pets enhance our lives in a number of ways.  They provide companionship and unconditional love.  No one is happier to see you EVERY SINGLE TIME than your "best friend" is.  I actually saw an article not too long ago regarding increased lifespan for those who have pets.  In the case of the photo, they get us outside and moving.  Our dogs get a walk every day.  It's good for them AND we get to "exercise" without it feeling like exercise.  I get so much joy watching Ocean, now 14.5 running and playing on our morning walks.  I personally believe that they help us be better people.  They teach us what unconditional love is as well as the art of making others feel special.  Woody and I actually have a blast greeting each other (on occasion) by running up to each other, "wagging our tail" and putting a goofy grin on our faces.  The power of pets is priceless.


Two days before Christmas, we helped Cali go to doggie heaven.  We miss her terribly but have wonderful memories of the being she was.  She was an older, abused dog when we rescued her. With love and attention, she went from hiding in the bedroom when we had parties to being in the center of the room.  She went from cowering whenever we reached out to coming up to us asking for pets.  We are blessed to have had her in our lives.  The power of pets is far reaching.  They teach us that love and compassion go a long way in each and every relationship.  Treat ALL of your relationships just like our furry friends treat us.  This would definitely make the world a better place.



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